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Back country shark fishing with Almost There Sportfishing Charters in Key West, Florida

Question: What if my reservations agent isn't familiar with Almost There Charters?
Answer: They don't know about fishing in Key West! Almost There Charters is the largest charter fishing company in the Florida Keys. We own and operate all 12 boats in our company fleet. Our guides are customer service professionals that work under our strict guidelines. We are first call with all of the top quality reservation agencies throughout the country.

Question: What types of fishing do you offer?
Answer: Almost There! Charters does it all...the right way! We are the only company to offer all the different types of fishing enjoyed in our local waters...Flats, Backcountry, Reef, Wreck, Offshore, Tarpon, and Shark. We also specialize in evening trips for shark and tarpon (in season).

Question: Do you offer custom trips to meet our specific needs?
Answer: Every trip is a custom, private charter. We offer trips that will delight the seasoned veteran or instruct our first time friends. We also provide tailored trips for those that would like to do a little fishing, snorkeling, or sightseeing. These are your trips. Just let us know what you want!

Question: What types of boats and equipment can we expect?
Answer: We offer 12 new, state-of-the-art boats and motors, all equipped with the industry's finest equipment well suited for the job at hand... catching fish!

Question: Are you equipped to handle groups and company outings?
Answer: Yes we are. Our Group & Events Staff can handle all your needs, from fishing tournaments with catered awards banquets to simple family outings. Feel free to talk with our Director of Marketing for references.

Question: What is included in the trips?
Answer: All bait, tackle, licenses, and a cooler with ice for your drinks and food. We operate out of the Cow Key Marina which has all these items readily available. We do suggest that you bring along your favorite hat and a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Question: Can you keep your catch?
Answer: The short answer is YES! We encourage catch and release fishing with our customers. This puts less strain on our fishery and will greatly insure our future success in fishing. However, we will let you know which fish are good table fare and will certainly allow you to take edible fish home if that is your desire. We leave commercial fishing to those who choose to make their living as commercial fishermen... We are professional fishing guides, we don’t sell your catch to anyone.

Question: Is the quoted price per person?
Answer: No. The prices quoted are for the private charter of the entire boat for you and your guests.

Question: What is the standard gratuity for a fishing trip?
Answer: Generally, Gratuities are similar to restaurants, 15%-20% for excellent service.

Question: How many people can fish on a boat?
Answer: Good question, Our Flats boats can accommodate 1 or 2 anglers. Back Country Boats can take up to 3 or 4 guests comfortably. Our Offshore reef and wreck boats are licensed for up to 6 guests, however it is recommended to not exceed four guest for the best trip possible.

Question: What is the difference between flats and back country fishing?
Answer: Flats and Back Country fishing both take place in the shallow, protected waters of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The difference is in the style of fishing. Flats fishing boats have poling platforms and anglers (2 or less) make precision casts to fish in extremely shallow water. Back Country fishing utilizes slightly larger boats without poling platforms and anglers (4 or less) fish along the edges of channels at “ambush points”. Remember a Flats boat can accomplish both styles of fishing with less guests but a back country boat, while allowing more guests onboard, is not the right choice for flats fishing.

Tarpon to the boat with Almost There Charters in Key West

How do you choose the right guide on the internet?

Knowing the right questions to ask makes all the difference in the world. Here is a list of things I ask when I book fishing trips around the world.

1) Are you directly involved with the services you are selling?
So many people are “appearing” on the internet representing themselves as your Guide or experts in the field when in fact they are only booking trips for a commission. We suggest you ask for verifiable references from past customers or consumer oriented agencies (Key West Chamber of Commerce, Key West Attractions Association, Florida Guides Association, etc.)

2) Will I be fishing with you?
Several area Fishing Guides have apparently decided that it is too much “work” to actually fish. Their answer is to book trips in their name and collect commissions from other fishing Guides that do not have a good customer base. We only fish our guests on our boats with our staff, no exceptions.

3) Beware of gimmicks such as “guaranteed catch.”
A quick word on “guaranteed catch”... While the fishing in Key West is outstanding, we only guarantee fish at the supermarket. Ask those that choose to use this ploy if you will be able to take that “free trip” the next day or will you have to wait until your next trip (boat availability will probably come into play as well, Humm?? We choose to let you know what you can reasonably expect on each and every trip and work very hard to make sure you are not disappointed. In the rare instances when fishing is slow you’ll find that we work that much harder to ensure your success.

4) Why should you trust us with your business?
Internet claims in the fishing business are pretty much the same. Backing those claims up is where you’ll loose a majority of the “guide services”. Rest assured we are who we say we are and we can back it up! We are in this business full time, year-round because we love to guide anglers to great memories that they will have forever. If you put your heart and soul into fishing, the rewards come on their own.


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