Things to do in Key West, Florida

Sloppy Joe's Key West Florida Most great fishing destinations offer good trips and very little else... Not so in Key West. Between fantastic fishing adventures, enjoy the rest of what Key West has to offer.

Like all exotic, tropical locations, there is an indefinable "something" that sets them apart and makes them special. They remain in your memory a lifetime. The appeal is unique, yet universal and cannot be denied.

Welcome to the home of a thousand swashbuckling pirates, world famous writers, artists, playwrights, and champions of leisure...our famous island of Key West. Bahama Village Key West FloridaHere you will find a paradise unlike any other with an amazing history and charm all its own. A truly astonishing and breathtaking experience awaits you in America's Southernmost Bahama Village Key West Florida City, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico. Key West, Florida has been called the most sophisticated small town in America. At one time, Key West was the richest town per capita in the United States, just a few years later it became the poorest, both long Key West Sunset Celebrationago. However, the Island of Key West has remained pristine and beautiful with its own exotic ambiance. This two mile by four mile island lies 90 miles north of Cuba and 150 miles southwest of Miami where the roads stop. With a history of shipwrecking and salvaging, cigar making, commercial sponging and fishing fleets in the past, today we are home to many Pulitzer prize winning authors, musicians, artist and for real deep sea treasure hunters. Stroll shady historic lanes and historic streets to discover intriguing art galleries, import and craft shops and open air markets. Key West Light House MuseumEclectic gift boutiques, unique Caribbean clothing stores and of course gift shops of every kind. As you wander, be sure to stop along the way for a big slice of our famous Key Lime Pie.

Transportation is simple, most people walk or ride bikes. Some opt for mopeds or electric cars to enjoy all the sights. History buffs will enjoy the many museums such as the Hemingway House, Audubon House and Gardens, the Mel Fisher Spanish Treasure Museums, and Fort Zachary Taylor National Park. The twin forts at Martello Towers East and West offer wonderful tours.

The most therapeutic activity of the day is sunset. Our Sunset is much more than a time of day, it is an event celebrated on the docks at Mallory Square. Find everything from street theater to bag pipes; jugglers on tightrope to trained cats jumping through rings of fire! The spectacular Key West sunsets always steal the show! And then...

Nightlife on Duval street, reminiscent of the French Quarter of New Orleans, complete with sidewalk cafes, watering holes of every imaginable kind with a laid back atmosphere all its own. Welcome to Key West!

Key West Fishing Sunset

What can be said for certain is that Key West offers something for everyone, young or old and after one visit you will return again and again until like most of just stay.